Planning and Project Pre-Design

For geothermal power- and heat projects, this would include transmission connections, use of waste heat and availability of cooling water. We call this “Holistic Approach”. Similar services are available for hydro and solar power. With working experience from over 40 countries, we focus on USA, Africa and Europe.

Synfuels, E-fuels: Green and clean

We plan and assist in the development of synfuel- and e-fuel projects, with practical experience from green hydrogen, green ammonia, methanol and SAF (Jetfuel A1). We are leading work on a full feasibility study for a Waste-to-Fuel project in Iceland, converting the country’s mixed waste streams to SAF and other fuels.

Commercial and Economic Viability

Consent Energy is working to improve our environment with cleaner and greener electricity and fuels. We feel that a consent needs to be reached between the facts of our real world and the strategies of our leaders worldwide. Green projects can be profitable and over time, we will reduce the use of fossil fuels.

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